Brasstech 122LS Large Basket Strainer Set

Product ID 122LS
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Product ID 122LS/ Product SKU 122LS-01 Product SKU 122LS-06 Product SKU 122LS-07 Product SKU 122LS-10B Product SKU 122LS-15 Product SKU 122LS-15S Product SKU 122LS-20 Product SKU 122LS-26 Product SKU 122LS-VB

The following part numbers are available by selecting the options above.

122LS/01, 122LS/034, 122LS/03N, 122LS/03W, 122LS/04, 122LS/06, 122LS/07, 122LS/08A, 122LS/08W, 122LS/10, 122LS/10B, 122LS/14, 122LS/15, 122LS/15A, 122LS/15S, 122LS/20, 122LS/24, 122LS/24A, 122LS/24S, 122LS/26, 122LS/30, 122LS/50, 122LS/52, 122LS/54, 122LS/56, 122LS/65, 122LS/ORB, 122LS/VB

  • Global Trade Identification Numbers (GTIN numbers) for this product. GTINs appear on barcodes and identify products sold by different retailers as the same product.

  • 0091388734748, 0091388064166, 0091388734755, 0091388734762, 0091388734779, 0091388734786, 0091388734793, 0091388734816, 0091388734823, 0091388734830, 0091388213199, 0091388734854, 0091388734861, 0091388734878, 0091388213236, 0091388734915, 0091388734922, 0091388056024, 0091388734939, 0091388213311, 0713057375389, 0091388734953, 0091388056031, 0091388734960, 0091388734977, 0091388734984, 0091388056048, 0091388056055